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Eya Bantu to execute project in Tajikistan

Eya Bantu was appointed as part of the Gopa team for the design phase of the Provision of Electricity Service to Target Settlements in Khatlon Region in Tajikistan

The project is funded by the World Bank and involved electrification of 74 villages of approximately 10 000 new connections. It is expected that construction will commence later this year.

This World Bank – IDA funded project “Project Management Consultant for Rural Electrification Project” is for the electrification of three main districts in Khatlon region in the south of the Republic of Tajikistan. These regions are:

  • Shamsiddin Shohin
  • Mir Said Ali Hamadoni
  • Farkhor

The project’s aim is to secure the power supply through a reliable network, thus providing wider access to electricity and therefore fostering national economic growth.

The project will provide a new infrastructure distribution network in 74 settlements including the construction of 270 km of distribution lines (10 kV and 0.4 kV), installation of 87 transformers as well as electricity connections to households.

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