We aim to offer all the manpower, expertise and technologies to fulfill the requirements of our commercial, industrial and corporate clients, while maintaining the highest standards of design, workmanship, quality and safety in order to meet their expectations.

MV Switchgear (Approved Installers)

  • Schneider – PIX Rof
  • Schneider – Premset
  • Schneider – RM6
  • ABB – Safe Ring
  • ABB Safe Plus
  • Actom – SBV4
  • Actom – SBV4E
  • Actom – AMv12

LV Switchgear (Approved Installers)

  • Eaton x energy

Substation Control Plant Panels – up to 765kv

  • Transmission/ Distribution Feeder
  • Transmission/ Distribution Transformer
  • OLTC Control Panels
  • BusZone
  • Bus-Section/ Coupler
  • Cap Bank
  • MV Switchgear Control Panels
  • Metering (Tariff/ Statistical/ QOS) Panels
  • AC/DC Distribution
  • Scada/RTU Panels
  • Substation Automation

Eya Bantu designs and manufactures the above panels to the customers specifications and requirements. The agreements with the main equipment suppliers ensure that all warranties and specifications of equipment are met.

Eya Bantu is fully authorised and trained to install and service the above equipment and will ensure all equipment warranties are maintained.

Eya Bantu will provide full local support on all products provided.

The above supplier agreements contribute to the following:

  • Increased local content
  • Faster delivery times
  • Lowered cost
  • Client specific engineering
  • Local FAT’s
  • Local Support and Backup services

Design, Build, Install, Commission and Maintain the following:

  • Protection panels
  • Tariff and Stat metering panels
  • AC/DC Distribution Panels
  • QOS Panels
  • Distribution boards and control panels


Willie Van Heerden +27(0)43 726 2726 +27(0)82 856 8502 [email protected]

Willie Van Heerden +27(0)43 726 2726 +27(0)82 856 8502 [email protected]